Live a life in spiritual-flow that you truly enjoy!

EFT Intensive

Imagine going from a life full of overwhelm, frustration, stress, and not enough time. To live a life where you are full of energy, glistening like never before, and truly enjoying your life all in spiritual-flow.

EFT intensive is just what you need to get in spiritual-flow and say fuck overwhelm and chaos once and for all.

The time is now! you are bound to glisten again. ✨

Operate form spiritual-flow. Enjoy life. Glisten like never before!

You are most likely here because you....

#1 Feel tied down to you "to do" list. wishing you had freedom to focus on your need and spend more quality time with your family.

#2 You are feeling resistance and not sure why? maybe it trauma maybe it's self doubt. you're ready for a simplified way to enjoy life. 

you will learn to live in spiritual-flow and see who around you truly supports you desires.

#3 You are in constant overwhelm and chaos. You want to operate from a place of calm spiritual-flow.

EFT Intensive is the major key yo living a live in spiritual-flow that you enjoy. you no longer hide in the shadows of despair.

You will be glistening like a huge new diamond!

EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement.

- Candace Pert

HERE is why you need this now!

Imagine how amazing it is going to feel when you wake up not having to rush. Everything is happening from a place of spiritual-flow. you are still able to accomplish everything and be on time. You even have time to spend with friends and family when you are not exhausted. Plus, you are taking time for yourself throughout the day to process, reflect, and let go. you are no longer holding on to things that do not serve your higher purpose.

Everything is brighter and you are noticing the little things you used to enjoy again. Like the sounds of nature, maybe your kids playing in the yard, even the buzz of NYC (if you live here).

You are feeling free, warm and fuzzy, and full of energy.

It is not your fault you are not there yet. Here are the 3 main things holding you back. 

you feel there is not enough time. That's Bullshit. everyone can take 5-10 minuets a day at the very least to themselves. Even if you have to hide the the care or bathroom.

It won't work. I have tried everything. again bullshit. there is no way anyone has truly tired all options in todays world (too many options to try in a life time). Consistency is the major key for anything to work. Plus, you have to be willing to do the work. you will need to allow pent up emotions and feeling to present themselves so you can process and let them the fuck go!

Not enough money. well if you took time to take care of your mental health properly you would have a lot more energy and motivation to make more $$$$. Once you invest in your mental health and do the work it lights a fire in you which in return will open up more opportunities for money to flow in.

Girl, I get it ALL of it. I have been exactly where you are. (hence why I decided I needed to help others achieve better.)

I was devastated when I had to give up my career, just went through a breakup, my health was declining with no answers to why, I had zero energy, and little income as I was no longer able to work. The list goes one really.

I knew something had to change so I tapped back in to my spiritual powers I have had since I can remember and consistently practice EFT and slowly start to not give a fuck about things that were not really a big deal (i once thought they were) and that no longer served my next level self.

I set a routine that was achievable even on high pain days (chronic illnesses are real). I added it to my calendar, put alarms on my phone, and posted it around my house. No matter what I made sure I stuck with it. I knew that was the key to getting out of the dark whole I was in.

within 2 weeks I was start to feel so much lighter, I had more energy than before, money started flowing from places I never imagined, I was glistening brighter than ever before. and best of all i was enjoying life again and operating in spiritual-flow.

EFT Intensive: The best alternative therapy for women who want a life without overwhelm and full of joy and operating from spiritual flow.

What you get:

you will get 1 to 4 sessions (depends what you sign up for) with ME Jac.

a custom tapping script with each session that will will tap through together live on zoom.

you will get a recording of each session for you to revisit as many time as you want for life!

you will learn the tapping process to apply to anything in life you feel called to tap on.

we will set an achieve routine for your practice.


lifetime access to my ever-growing tapping and meditation vault! (priceless)

$20 off Reiki session

$100 off Warrior Mindset in the Fall

The price goes up next launch so don't wait

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