Reiki FAQs

What is Distant Reiki Healing?


Distant Reiki healing is just like an in-person Reiki session, other than you can receive the healing energy from practitioners who are anywhere in the world. There’s no need to be in the same room as the Reiki Master as this energy is not bound by physical space. It’s an ideal solution if you have a busy schedule or you’re away from home but you still want to keep your energy fields balanced. In addition, with a distant Reiki session, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing if you’re unable to. You can simply go about your schedule while the Reiki energy “works in the background.” Your condition can be different from others, but they all suffer from depleted energy, and vitality. Reiki restores and revitalizes which leads to balance, wellness, and healing.

What Goes On During a Session?

During a distant Reiki session, your practitioner will connect with your energy. Then, Jac will send Reiki to you, focusing on those energy fields that are in need of healing for your highest good. The session and the healing effects are very similar to what you’d experience if you were having an in-person session.

What Will I Feel?

Everyone’s experience with Reiki is a bit different. Most people report feeling tingling or pulsating sensations as well as warm spots on their bodies. Many also experience a deep sense of relaxation during and after the session. Some people report they don’t feel anything during a distance Reiki session. This doesn’t mean that it hasn’t worked. Some people just take a little while to feel the full healing effects.

What Do I Need To Do Before My Session?

Before your scheduled appointment, your Reiki Master will take the time to go over any issues that you’re experiencing as well as any areas of concern via email. Take the time to think about what you’d want the healing to address. Your Reiki treatment will be effective whether you’re busy doing other things or you’re simply relaxing somewhere. However, it is preferred to relax in a quiet and comfortable place to get the most benefits from a session. You’ll want to turn off your phone or on DND before the session. If you have the ability to take at least 15 mins to unwind before the appointment, that’s beneficial as well. You may want to avoid alcohol 48 hours prior if that feels good to you. You’ll have a better opportunity to gauge the effects of Reiki healing if you’re able to be mentally present during the session.

Who Can Benefit?​

Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing. If you’re experiencing stress, grief, or health issues, Reiki is a wonderful complimentary therapy that can help you to deal with emotions or physical pain. If you’re in perfect health, Reiki can help energy fields flow at their highest levels for your highest good.

Is Reiki For Me?

Reiki can be most helpful for people who share some or all of these values:

  • You know that healing is more than physical, it takes consistency and time.

  • You want to know yourself better.

  • You’re willing to invest in your health and well being on every level. Health = Wealth!

  • You’re looking for a deeper understanding of your purpose in life.

  • You trust there’s more to life than what you are experiencing.

  • You intend to live your best life.

Does this Sound Familiar?

Feel like stress is taking over?

All the demands in your life seem greater than your ability to keep up with them. Everyone is asking something from you, and you feel like you’ll never be enough. You’ve tried meditation, journaling, and exercise, but that is overwhelming and just adds more to your schedule. You’re becoming more anxious, irritable, and your sleep is lousy.

Are You Living With A Chronic Illness?

You’re in and out of appointments, testings, or treatment right now for something pretty big. You may be in good hands medically or struggling to find a good medical team but the side effects are troubling. You may be in pain. Your medical team can’t treat the worry about what this is doing or could do to you in the long run. You know you can feel more at ease even with symptoms, you just don't know how.

Are You Grieving?

Maybe it’s a stale relationship, someone important to you has died, or a major health change that caused you to let go of your old life. Either way, you feel hopeless lost, and alone. You’ve tried support groups, self-help books, talking to friends, but they can’t seem to fill the emptiness you feel inside.


Have You Had A Recent Job Loss?

Whether you resigned or the companies choice, it is over for now. Maybe you just lost your focus. Work was the one place where you really felt in charge. You knew who you were and had a purpose. The economy has changed, or you’ve lost your job or your own enthusiasm. No matter how many self-help books, articles you read, or courses you take you’re feeling more and more overwhelmed and out of resources.

Enhance your healing wisdom and spiritual connection.

Things are okay, but you feel something is missing like there is more to uncover in your life. You know there’s more out there than what you are experiencing, you just don’t quite know where to look for it.

No matter which of these categories you fit in, Jac can help you.

Common Treated Conditions. Jacs clients have dealt with:

  • Chronic illness— EDS, diabetes, MS, etc.

  • Auto-immune disorders—fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, lupus, AIDS

  • Divorce or  stale relationship

  • Stress, depression, anxiety, worry, and insomnia

  • Accidents and injury, broken bones and sprains

  • Cancer and the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation

  • Grief—loss of a loved one, friend, or their life before chronic illness

  • Fatigue, stress, and brain fog

  • Women’s health—pregnancy, menopause, endometriosis

  • Men’s health—prostate, colon conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Seizure, stroke, heart attack

  • Mental health problems

  • Eating disorders

  • Therapy support

  • Abuse—physical, emotional and sexual

  • Addiction, recovery, and co-dependence


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The information and services found on this site are not replacements for medical care or medication. I am not a physician, psychologist, or health care provider. My courses, group programs, and services do not cure anxiety or any other mental health issue. I am ready to equip you with tools needed based on Energy Psychology that addresses the emotional side effects of triggering life events and allow self-healing. We all need are medical care but sometimes we just need an added boost such as an alternative therapy as I offer and that is what I will provide energetically. 

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