Meet Jac

The Fearless dreamer behind BTG

Hi, I’m Jac and it’s a pleasure to meet you! 


Currently, I use my passion for heart-centered and holistic treatment approaches to internal trauma and ruminative thinking patterns in order to directly assist in improving the lives of my clients, all around the world. While I operate out of my private practice based in New York City, I am available to provide support internationally via Zoom. My background consists of multiple different types of training and certifications, including EFT and Reiki, which I am passionate about sharing with others. 


However, the most important part of the journey to the leader I am today did not occur because of my training but rather occurred because of my personal history. For years, I lived a successful —yet damaging stressful— life, maintaining a busy schedule in the fashion industry while living in NYC. Yet despite how picture-perfect my life seemed from the outside, I was struggling to overcome crippling grief, anxiety, OCD, and other undocumented internal trauma. No matter what methods I used for treatment —doctors, medicine, therapy— the results were underwhelming and ineffective. It wasn’t until I began to study holistic energy therapies that my own life changed for the better. And after seeing its effectiveness in myself, I knew that I had to do all that I could in order to share these life-changing techniques with others. 


Because of that motivation, I never approach healing as an objective goal; instead, I view it as a relationship full of compassion and support. By using my uniquely developed gifts, I aim to make a genuinely positive difference in all of the people I interact with. Life is a gift that should be properly enjoyed, to the best of all of our individual abilities. I know personally how challenging the journey from damaged to healed can be —and also, just how rewarding the results are once you can finally return to life without anxiety.  


Of course, I’m not always all about business. While I’m originally from Arkansas, I currently call NYC home and love nothing more than to explore the city with my sexy man and equally sexy best gal pals. After working hours, you can find me playing with my dog, Duchess —a 3lb Yorkie who unquestionably runs my life.  After all, I’m a person first and a mentor second —but I never lose sight of the interpersonal importance of the work that I do and the education that I can offer to others. 

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