Meet Jac

The WARRIOR behind BTG

Jac a dog mom originally from Arkansas, is an Anxiety, Dysautonomia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, & Endometriosis WARRIOR. After struggling with mental and physical health for many years. she decided she needed to help not only herself but her fellow WARRIORS live a life they can enjoy no matter what! After a very brief but extremely successful fashion career in NYC Jac noticed her health was declining greatly. With no answers and tons of symptoms, it really started to take a toll on her but sadly she still felt the same after her dx as doctors do not know how to help. Although, she was relieved as she had answers to why. Many months of situational depression she had a breakthrough and realization her health limitations do not have to define her. No matter how bad they get she can find ways to enjoy life. She has always been energetically connected so she knew exactly what she had been wanting to do for a few years. She got her Reiki Master Practitioner cert as she loved receiving treatments and various energy works. she knew had it to channel Reiki energy to others as any spiritual person jac comes in contact with has said how gifted and powerful I was. she reciev]ed energy cleanses and holistic remedies from since she can remember. so, After 2 years of self-discovery and work she decided if it worked for her it can for other WARRIORS like her. You just need to find your own sweet spot but Jac is here to help guide you. She practices EFT Tapping and certified Reiki Master and group fitness instructor. Now offering Distant Reiki, EFT Tapping sessions, and Group Coaching Mindset Course to help make this possible for you!

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