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The Road To Recovery: Hips Don't Lie

Updated: Jan 3

Hello World! 

Today I woke up with the plan to head to work and conquer the day as my boss REALLY needed me. The night before I was enjoying myself with a great friend in Samba class at StripXpertease. During my fun I felt something in my right hip that was not so fun.... don't be too worried, I have had a weird feeling in my hip for a while. Heck, I have always had issues whether is be my knees, back, shoulders, or my hips. Something just didn't feel right and of course I was stubborn and would not let my boyfriend take me to the ER. Of course as I was on the train to work my pain became unbearable. I thought to myself "you have to be crazy trying to push through this you are too young for this feeling" so I got off the PATH train at 14th street and went to the ER. I surprisingly landed myself with some of the BEST doctors and surgeons. I was diagnosed with a torn labrum and was just absolutely devastated. I have once lived a life FULL of physical activity since I was 15 months old and now I am being told I can not dance or exercise for 2-9 months. Hearing those words were very painful as I was just getting started with my new career as a Dance & Fitness Instructor and really enjoying my girls at StripXpertease. Having to let my new day time boss and StripXpertease I was having to take time off was extremely hard as I knew I was needed. Today I learned sometimes you want to take care of everything in the world but sometimes life will teach you to take care of yourself even if it not how you planned.

I will continue to post about my road to recovery so stay tuned! 



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