Glisten Fearlessly Guidebook

Glisten Fearlessly Guidebook

Life is about being happy but it is also about living without fear —only when you are capable of courageously facing every day and each new challenge it brings can you truly find contentment in your own everyday life. However, the process of learning to cast away your inhibitions and anxieties is often challenging, with conflicting information coming from a variety of different sources, all claiming to be the solution to your search for a better, happier life. 


In actuality, the ability to change your life comes from within yourself; however, most people benefit from a little extra support in finding their own internal strength. I provide the structure and guidance to people seeking to actively enrich their lives in my guidebook, “Glisten Fearlessly”. This book prioritizes the how-to and direction necessary for people to bravely imagine their own dream life, and then make the required changes in order to turn their daydream into a reality. I offer up my own knowledge and resources so that you can easily design your dream life —and make it come true, too! My unique and proficient background in Reiki, EFT tapping, and countless other holistic treatment methods are all at your disposal, to be used as a tool to construct the life of your dreams. 


We only have one life, so it is essential to design a life that you love living. Taking time to daydream and envision your life-long aspirations is a crucial step to take towards creating a positive, uninhibited life. Only you have the strength and ability required in order to pursue your dreams. With a little help and guidance from me, you’ll gain the valuable mindset and capabilities needed to completely change your life for the better.  


Learn to dream fearlessly —no regrets, no anxiety, only your own unlimited potential. 


I’ll be there with you offering support for every step of the journey!


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