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The best massager I have found and works everywhere on the body!

It gives me much relief with spasms! I use it weekly.

I am sitting in this now. I absolutely love this pillow and take it on my trips. I could not sleep or hang out on the couch without it!

This has been so great for working on the couch, in bed, or watching relaxing videos while soaking in some CBD.

I use this 2-3 times a week. Both my partner and I LOVE it! It really helps with spasms and really nasty knots. I use it for maintenance as well so I have flare-ups less.

This really helps me with exercise. I have very sensitive back and knees and I don't need any cushion with this. Maybe for my knees at times but other thank that it is perfect!

I wanted a diffuser in every room for 2020 and this made it super easy. I love diffusing oils when I am home. It helps keep my energy high and the place smelling like a spa.

I honestly have noticed a difference in my days drinking crystal infused water. Plus it just looks super pretty and brings joy to me!

This is so helpful! I was juicing in a blender before this and my hands are so happy.

This amazing for cooking as I am not able to cut small or chop food. My hands are just too pissy these days.

This is life-saving! I use it to make my body react to exercise and strengthen. Plus it helps distract and relieve pain with nerve issues and spasms. I have 3 one to keep in backpack, car, and house!

I just got these to organize for the new year. I needed something for my dog's toys and my fitness stuff. This was perfect!

I got these for Christmas and love them. They fit way better than any other option and actually stay in. I use these everywhere cleaning, cooking, gym, and commuting.

This is so good for gaining stability. I try to do at least 2 minutes a day in a few different directions.

I use this as my office chair to help keep back pain low. I use this for stretching and exercising and it works amazing.

I use this as my office chair to help keep back pain low. I use this for stretching and exercising and it works amazing.

The best heating pad I have had. It has the option of moist heat to penetrate deeper into the body. 

Best fitness wear brand. The seamless line is amazing if you have issues with skin and seams. I never have an issue with ribs popping out like other lines. Use code BTG15 for 15% off!

I love using this for pain relief. I notice some relief when I lay on it 10 mins per day consistently. 

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